Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in?

In the top right corner you can click the login button to sign in. If you haven’t logged in before, you’ll need to create an account by hitting the "Register" link.

You can also sign in with an existing Facebook, Google, or Twitter account by clicking on the appropriate logo from the login form.

If I sign in with Facebook or Twitter or Google, will you spam my feed or contact all of my friends?

Absolutely not. We never spam. Learn more

How do I view my profile?

In the top right when logged in, click on 'Account', and you’ll be taken to your Account Page.

How do I change my email, and password?

Go to your Account page and click "Edit Profile". Click the save button when complete.

How long is it before an inactive account gets deleted?

Accounts are never automatically deleted.

How do I change my profile picture?

Go to My Account by clicking "Account" in the top right (when logged in). On the left hand side you will see a link under the photo that says "Upload a new Profile Picture".

What is a premium membership?

A premium membership gives your extra benefits for an increased gaming experience. Visit our Premium Benefits page for more details.

What are the rules of the game?

Please see the instructions page for an overview on how to play.

My location is blocked, the site says I have multiple accounts?

This means that we’ve detected two usernames trying to login from the same location (same IP address). Unfortunately, that is not allowed, as we can't ascertain whether or not it’s legitimately two different people, or one individual trying to cheat.

The only way around this is to upgrade and purchase a premium membership. We don’t believe anybody would pay money to cheat and this is a good solution to ensure the site is fair. Membership is very inexpensive and you are always free to cancel any time.

*** Covid-19 Update: If you are staying safe at home and playing the game with other family members, please reach out to us and we will allow multiple players from one location to play together. ***

How do I end a game that I started, but no one joined?

Fill up your game with robots and then start your turn. Now resign the game from the "intel" tab. This will not affect your score, since it is a robot only game.

How do the leader boards work?

The leader board ranks people based on their score, which is calculated for each player at the end of each game. For more details on the scoring system, see the scoring algorithm instructions.

Is there a certain amount of time a game will last?

Games can last from minutes to months. Typically each player is given 24 hours to initiate their turn. From the moment they start their turn, they will have 1 hour to complete it. As soon as their turn is completed, an email will be sent to the next person due for a turn, and then the 24 hour time clock will start counting down again.

Can I make an alliance with another player in my game?

Yes, but all alliances must be done in the game chat. You can send private messages to other players, but keep in mind they will be able to see that you sent a message, but not what the message entailed.

I think someone is cheating and has broken the rules, what should I do?

When you suspect cheating or that someone is using multiple accounts, please alert us through the contact us form.

How do I surrender or drop out of a game?

You can resign from a game only when it is your turn. You must first start your turn, and then go to the INTEL tab, and click the "Resign Game" button.

Can I watch a friend's game?

Yes, you can absolutely watch any other active game.