Game of Thrones

for 1 to 12 players

Zones and Occupation Bonuses

Zone: Crownlands

Occupation Bonus: 3
Territories: Dragonstone, Duskendale, King's Landing, Rosby

Zone: Dorne

Occupation Bonus: 4
Territories: Yronwood, Starfall, Wyl, Sunspear, Sanderstone, Salt Shore, Kingsgrave, The Tor

Zone: Essos

Occupation Bonus: 3
Territories: Lys, Myr, The Flatlands, Breavos, Tyrosh, Pentos

Zone: Iron Islands

Occupation Bonus: 2
Territories: Pyke, Orkmont, Great Wyk, Harlaw

Zone: Mountains of Moon

Occupation Bonus: 3
Territories: Ironoaks, Strongsong, The Eyrie, Gull Town, Longbow Hall, Bloody Gate

Zone: Riverlands

Occupation Bonus: 4
Territories: The Twins, Saltpans, Riverrun, Stony Sept, Fairmarket

Zone: Stormlands

Occupation Bonus: 4
Territories: Storm's End, Blackhaven, Mistwood, Evenfall Hall, Bronzegate, Summerhall

Zone: The North

Occupation Bonus: 5
Territories: Deepwood Motte, Winterfell, Castle Black, Widow's Watch, Karhold, The Dreadfort, Flint's Finger, White Harbor, Greywater Watch, Moat Calin, Torhen's Square

Zone: The Reach

Occupation Bonus: 7
Territories: Grassy Vale, GoldenGrove, Horn Hill, Old Oak, Bitterbridge, Ashford, Highgarden, Three Towers, Old Town

Zone: Westerlands

Occupation Bonus: 3
Territories: Crankenhall, Casterly Rock, Golden Tooth, Lannisport, Silverhill