for 1 to 8 players

Zones and Occupation Bonuses

Zone: Cellblock

Occupation Bonus: 3
Territories: Kitchen, B Block, Medical, Guards, Rec Yard, A Block, Solitary

Zone: Docks

Occupation Bonus: 2
Territories: Main Dock, Offices, Admin, Approach, Station

Zone: Gardens

Occupation Bonus: 2
Territories: South Lawn, The Green, Range, North Lawn, Boat House

Zone: Industries

Occupation Bonus: 4
Territories: West Slope, Linens, North Shore, Area 35, Laundry, Lot, Area 34, Field

Zone: Plaza

Occupation Bonus: 3
Territories: Bluffs, Entry, Warden, West Grounds, Park, Court, Light House

Zone: South East

Occupation Bonus: 3
Territories: East Shore, Beach, Parade Grounds, Point, Area 11, South Dock, Bayview, Area 12

Zone: Utilities

Occupation Bonus: 2
Territories: Loading, North Dock, Electric, Water, Area 36, Fill, Factory