British Isles

for 1 to 8 players

Zones and Occupation Bonuses

Zone: Connaught

Occupation Bonus: 2
Territories: Galway, Rosco, Mayo, Sligo

Zone: East

Occupation Bonus: 5
Territories: Essex, Cambridge, Norfolk, Sussex, Suffolk, London, Kent, Bedfordshire

Zone: Leinster

Occupation Bonus: 3
Territories: Wexford, Dublin, Longford, Kildare, Louth

Zone: Midlands

Occupation Bonus: 6
Territories: Cheshire, Notts County, Worchester, Oxford, Leistershire, Shropshire, Lincolnshire

Zone: Munster

Occupation Bonus: 2
Territories: Clare, Kerry, Limerick, Cork, Tipperary

Zone: Scotland

Occupation Bonus: 3
Territories: Galloway, Highlands, Fife, Scottish Borders, Stirling, Argyll, Angus

Zone: SouthWest

Occupation Bonus: 2
Territories: Dorset, Devon, Sommerset, Hampshire, Cornwall

Zone: Ulster

Occupation Bonus: 2
Territories: Tyrone, Donegal, Down, Antrim

Zone: Wales

Occupation Bonus: 2
Territories: Ceredigion, Glamorgan, Pembrokeshire, Snowdonia

Zone: York

Occupation Bonus: 4
Territories: South Yorkshire, Cumbria, North Yorkshire, Durham, Northumberland, East Yorkshire, Lancashire