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5 djm199 United Kingdom 2606

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blade2 eliminated wordnerd in Game 798JJ
107 minutes ago

noodles challenged requist to join Game 7DJ8S
8 hours ago

noodles challenged TheForbiddenMush to join Game 6ZSZW
9 hours ago

charlieg eliminated requist in Game 7AQH8
9 hours ago

shepp accepted challenge from noodles to join Game 7BJ7W
16 hours ago

vova joined Game 7GGGV
1 day ago

noodles challenged Eick to join Game 79AP9
1 day ago

noodles challenged shepp to join Game 7BJ7W
1 day ago

vova moved from position 14 to position 11 on the Leaderboard
1 day ago

noodles moved from position 11 to position 13 on the Leaderboard
1 day ago

phil1967 moved from position 13 to position 14 on the Leaderboard
1 day ago

vova won Game 7DWR8
1 day ago

vova eliminated shepp in Game 7DWR8
1 day ago

noodles challenged BattleAxe to join Game 7AQH9
1 day ago

BattleAxe created Game 7GGH5
1 day ago

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Turn length:5 minutes 2 to 6 players