San Quentin

for 1 to 8 players

San Quentin Preview

San Quentin prison is known for housing the largest number of prisoners on ‘death-row’ in the entire Western hemisphere. All executions in California must occur at San Quentin where 628 condemned prisoners await their turn, many of which are serial killers. Executions have occurred by a variety of methods including hanging, the gas chamber and currently – by lethal injection. The prison is designed to hold 3,082 prisoners but as of 2008 there were 5,222 incarcerated inmates for an occupancy rate of approximately 170% over capacity. Opened in 1852, San Quentin has housed a variety of notable inmates including the much revered Old Western Outlaw ‘Black Bart’ who held up 28 stage-coaches at gunpoint (without ever firing a shot!) and was known for leaving witty poems at the scene. Don’t risk waiting on a stay from the governor. Break out time is now!

Zones and Occupation Bonuses

Zone: Administration

Occupation Bonus: 4
Territories: Admin, Bunks, Library, Education, Foyer, Staff, Break Room, Investigative Services

Zone: Annex

Occupation Bonus: 3
Territories: Utility, Cold Storage, Warehouse, Gym

Zone: Cell Blocks

Occupation Bonus: 5
Territories: B2, B6, B4, B1, Solitary, Clinic, B7, Infirmary, B3, B5, Psych

Zone: Common Area

Occupation Bonus: 4
Territories: Pantry, Dining, Kitchen, Commons, Surveillance, Visiting, Guard Room

Zone: Entrance

Occupation Bonus: 2
Territories: Security, Main Entrance, Chapel, General Offices

Zone: Prison Yard

Occupation Bonus: 3
Territories: Upper Yard, Center Lawn, West Block Yard, Parade Grounds, Court, Pathway

Zone: Rec Yard

Occupation Bonus: 4
Territories: Infield, Left Field, Track, Green, Garage, Ball Court, Right Field, Pitch, Center Field, Range