for 1 to 8 players

Folsom Preview

Folsom State Prison opened its doors in 1880 and is the first prison in the world to have electricity. A total of 93 prisoners have been executed at Folsom Prison, all by hanging. While originally built to house 1,800 inmates, as of 2009 it held 4,427 prisoners in over-crowded conditions. The prison is most famous for being the venue for two concerts by Johnny Cash in 1966 and 1968, the latter being held in Folsom’s cafeteria. Cash later said of the inmates, “they were the most enthusiastic audience I ever played to.” Notable prisoners have included serial killer Edmund Kemper who shot his grandparents and dismembered six female hitchhikers, musician Rick James (“Super-Freak”), and cult leader Charles Manson who still proclaims his innocence. After landing in the joint, do you now risk breaking out?

Zones and Occupation Bonuses

Zone: Admin

Occupation Bonus: 2
Territories: Offices, I.S., Staff

Zone: Cell Block

Occupation Bonus: 5
Territories: Block B, Visiting, Dining, Psych, Block A, Education, Kitchen, Guard House, Solitary, Medical

Zone: Factory

Occupation Bonus: 1
Territories: Raw Materials, Backroom, Production

Zone: Industries

Occupation Bonus: 2
Territories: Mattress Factory, Apparel, Footware, Foreman, Shipping

Zone: North Yard

Occupation Bonus: 5
Territories: Hill 32, Fill, Patio, Lot A, Hill 31, Northeast Range, Loading Dock, Hill 33, Lot B

Zone: Rec Yard

Occupation Bonus: 3
Territories: Courts, Center Field, Upper Yard, Track, Lawn, Lower Yard

Zone: South Yard

Occupation Bonus: 2
Territories: Parade Grounds, Solitary Yard, South Range, Courtyard

Zone: The Range

Occupation Bonus: 3
Territories: Hill 84, Chapel, West Range, Flats, Hill 89, Hill 87

Zone: Utilities

Occupation Bonus: 3
Territories: Parking, Driveway, Water Works, Storage, Gas Works, Electrical

Zone: Warehouse

Occupation Bonus: 1
Territories: Garage, Mechanical, Chemical