Game Instructions

The objective of the game to eliminate all other players on the map. You eliminate other players by attacking them and taking over their territories. The last player remaining is the winner.

Starting the Game

To start a game, click on Create Game and specify your game options.

The order of player turns is randomly set when the final player joins. All of the territories on the map are assigned randomly to the players. If the territories cannot be divided evenly (e.g. 10 territories for 3 players), the any remainder territories will be neutral at the beginning of the game. Note: Neutral territories have three troops on them which do not attack, but they do defend against attacks.

Once all of the players have joined the game, the first player can start their turn.

Taking your turn

Your turn is broken into three phases, Deploy, Attack, and Reinforce.

1. Deploy

At the beginning of each turn, you can deploy new troops onto any territory that you occupy. You get one troop for every three territories you occupy, with a minimum of three troops per turn. Also, you can occupy entire groups of territories called zones which have a bonus. To see what zones have particular bonuses, go to the INTEL tab at the bottom of the play controls.

2. Attack

You can attack from an occupied territory to any adjacent enemy-occupied territory provided you have two or more troops in the territory you are attacking from. If you have only one troop in a territory, you cannot attack from there.

Success or failure of attacks are determined by dice rolls. How many dice the attacking and defending players roll depends on how many troops they have in their territories.

Attacker Troop Count Attacker Rolls
1 cannot attack
2 one die
3 two dice
4+ three dice

Defender Troop Count Defender Rolls
1 one die
2+ two dice

When both the attacker and defender's dice are rolled, they are arranged in descending order and scored. The player with the losing roll loses one troop in their territory. Defending players win ties.

Attacker Rolls Defender Rolls Result
6 6 Defender Wins
5 3 Attacker Wins
2 n/a ignored

Successful Attacks and Advancing

When you defeat the final troop in an enemy region, you will automatically advance one of your troops into that region, with the option to advance additional troops into that territory, provided you leave at least one troop in the territory you attacked from.

3. Reinforce

After you finish your attack moves, you can optionally move troops from one of your territories to another territory. The number of times you can reinforce per turn and the distance you can move your troops varies depending on the game settings.

Card Awards

There are three types of Card Options in Victors United Games.

If you have captured at least one enemy territory during the attack phase of your turn, you will be awarded a card when you finish your turn. Each card has the name of a territory and a color: red, black, or silver. If, at the beginning of your turn, you have three cards that match in color, or are one of each color, you may turn in those three cards to get extra troops to deploy.

“Classic” are escalating card sets worth 4,6,8,10,12,15,20... (i.e. the first set of spoils turned in by any player is worth 4 troops, the second set is worth 6, etc.)

“Flat Rate” sets are worth 4 troops for three red, 6 for three silver, 8 for three black and 10 for three mixed.

“None” means you don’t earn any cards in the game.

Territory Bonus
If you occupy the territory named on your card when you turn it in, you get an additional two troops on that territory.

Forced Card Turn-In
If you have five or more cards, you will be forced to turn three of them in immediately.

Eliminating Players
When you eliminate a player, by successfully attacking their final territory, you take all of their cards. If you have more than five cards at this point, you will need to immediately turn in the cards for a deployment bonus.

Scoring System

Victors United players all start with a score of 1000. At the end of each multi-player game not played against the computer, the winner takes points away from each loser.
The points to be awarded is calculated as (loser's score / winner's score) * 20.
The number of points lost by a defeated player is (loser’s score/winner’s score) * 20.

Other Stuff


To speed up the game, you can use the auto attack button if you have four or more troops in the territory you're attacking from. When you auto-attack, you will continue to attack until either your opponent is defeated or your troop count goes below four.

In-Game Chat

You can click the CHAT button to post and share messages with the players in that game. You can also send private messages to one or more other players by clicking "select recipients".
Note: While only the recipient you select will be able to see the contents your chat message. All other players will be able to see that you sent a message and to whom.

Inviting Players

You can invite other players to join by clicking the "invite players" button from the game page or from the search results pages. Copy and paste the invitation URL into an email or tweet or Facebook message to have your friends come directly to your game.

Gameplay Robots

For games that you have created, you can add robot players in addition to inviting human players.
Note: The robot AI is in active development and should be considered "experimental".

Singleplayer Games

Singleplayer games have the exact same rules and permutations, but all of your opponents are robot players.

Resigning Your Game

Is your situation hopeless? When it's obvious that you're not going to be able to prevail, there is no dishonor in resigning your game. When it's your turn, you can click the resign game button from the INTEL tab.

Changing Your Player Color

Player colors are assigned randomly when players join a game. If you would like to use a different color, you can change it from the INTEL tab. Note: you can only change your player color when it's your turn.

Questions? Concerns? Ideas?

This game is perpetually a work in progress. Please contact us with your feedback to help us improve your experience.