“Kick some ass - two
minutes at a time”
-Shane, Co-Founder, 2010




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1 d1puffpuff United States 3730
2 Kareena Austria 3581
3 Tjeerd Netherlands 3466
4 Bumster United States 3440
5 NewDetroitStyle United States 3384


Started by three guys with a passion for strategy board games, Victors United is fast becoming the destination for online, turn based, multiplayer strategy gaming.

Players from around the world can come together to battle it out and risk their armies against their foes.

It’s free to play, and you can play as fast or as casual as you’d like.
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Singleplayer Game
Rules: Classic 3 players

Robot Player Robot Player
Next Lightning Game starts in
Lightning game. 5 minutes to start and finish your turn
Turn length:5 minutes 2 to 6 players